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Electrical & Electronic "Singles"

Making one piece of something might be great fun for you or someone in your organization, but it might not be the most efficient use of time or talent. Putting one piece of prototype hardware through a production department suited to making large quantities can also be expensive. That's where we come in. We have the flexibility to handle those single item jobs quickly and efficiently. Whether it's a prototype circuit assembly for client review or a production process control setup, our shop can make it happen.

Prototype Assembly

Our ability to assemble small batches makes us a logical choice for those times when you only need a few pieces for demonstration or product testing. We can work from your documentation - anything from a few sketches or a full-blown production manufacturing package - to deliver the results you need.

"One-Off" Projects

Have you ever tried to make one piece of anything in a production environment? If so, you know that it can take much more documentation than necessary and can tie up a significant amount of resources. This is especially true when it comes to test set-ups, in-plant control panels, and other "one-off" items. We can work from minimal documentation or even a simple requirements list to produce your single piece at low cost.

Design & Engineering Support

Do you have a great idea that needs executing but you don't have the resources to complete the task? Are you faced with a product problem that needs resolution right away? We have years of experience working with clients to devise practical solutions to real-world problems. We're ready to help!

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CBA Lighting & Controls, Inc., has a policy of respecting and protecting the intellectual property of others. As such, we will not undertake any project which may infringe upon the rights of any third party. In cases where there may be potential for infringement, we require proof of rights to any intellectual property involved in a form acceptable to our legal counsel. Please join us in respecting the creative works of others.

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