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Legacy Product Support

CBA Lighting has broad expertise in legacy product support because we've been there! We've done everything from sourcing components and finding reasonable substitutes for obsolete ones, to modernizing old product designs for a more cost-effective replacement and reverse engineering assemblies due to lack of adequate documentation.

Legacy Manufacturing

If you're in need of a company to manufacture older printed circuit board assemblies using through-hole or surface-mount technology, we need to talk. We can produce your assembly in low volume to support field spares at a competitive cost. You can supply all or some of the components required or we can handle material procurement. We do the assembly process and, if you desire, will functional test the finished goods before shipping.

Product Modernization

Sometimes it just doesn't make sense to manufacture a legacy assembly due to cost, volume, or for some other reason. We have experience in modernizing legacy designs for ease of manufacture and lower cost. This might be the key to keeping support of a legacy product in your portfolio. Nobody wants to be forced into purchasing new equipment because replacement parts are no longer available. Modernization doesn't have to be expensive and your customers will remember the level of support they received when it does come time to upgrade to new equipment.

Reverse Engineering

When a customer calls on your company for legacy product support but the product documentation is inadequate, damaged or otherwise un-useable, your only option may be reverse engineering. This can be an expensive proposition if done in-house. The loss of time on other assignments, the need for equipment or facilities that are no longer available and lack of knowledge with respect to older electronic technology all come into play. Bring your problem to us. We'll do our best to help you keep your customer happy and your bottom line favorable.

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